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Coin mate - A portable coin dispenser

Publish date:
13/01/2015 - 9:31am
Last updated:
15/05/2015 - 11:54am
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Coin Mate is a simple coin holding device specifically for UK coins that will allow people with lack of motor control to handle change. The device is large enough, the size of a large screen mobile phone, to be taken out of a bag and placed on a counter. Once on the counter a non-slip surface holds the device steady whilst the person presses buttons (with coin denomination images) on the device to release the correct coins into a dispenser tray underneath. The Coin Mate can then be picked up and the coins tipped into the hand of the recipient or onto the counter. Change can be reloaded into Coin Mate by the user or by the shop assistant when giving change. An additional electronic calculator can be added to allow users with limited money or numeracy skills to give correct change. For example £1.72 would be typed in as 172. LED lights would indicate which coin denominations and how many are needed to total the amount required.

Insight & Impact

This idea originated from a young lady who has cerebral palsy. She finds handling money difficult due to her ataxic movement and fine motor control in her hands. When she goes shopping for example, she has to ask shop assistants to take money out of her purse and put change back in. She says this makes her dependent and vulnerable. She wants to retain her independence and does not want to rely on carers or friends to handle her money for her. For those with poor numeracy or money handling skills there is equal vulnerability at having to rely on others to take money from their wallet or purse. Coin Mate will enable greater independence with handling change in everyday life for those without fine motor control. It will give greater ownership and control of the way people use their own money lessening reliance on carers, shop employees or other members of the public. This will engender confidence and autonomy.

Skills needed for this project

  • We will work with a current coin holder manufacturer to create this design.

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Tamaryn Phipps Jones 's picture
This sounds amazing I know a few people who will benefit from this item
Amy slocombe's picture
This sounds really good for the people that will benefit from this. I think it's a good idea as it gives them the independence and then they don't feel vunderable.
Elaine Gisby's picture
This device will help people to retain their independence and their dignity as well as make them less vulnerable to having their money stolen. It is an idea that could work well for the elderly who are becoming more confused or losing hand function as well as people with disabilities. Simple and effective idea.
Jayne Hashmat's picture
This sounds like a really good device to empower people with limited movement and dexterity, it could also be used if a person only has the use of one hand. I agree with the previous comment about being useful for older adults as well as those with disabilities.
Pauline Bayliss-Jones's picture
A brilliant concept which will empower so many people to stretch their independence and self-esteem.
Graham Kerswill's picture
This is a fantastic idea. It addresses the two biggest problems that people with manual dexterity and numeracy problems face when trying to shop independently. This would have made a huge difference to more CP sufferers than I could mention.
David Dalby's picture
Really interesting idea and would have a wide impact. Could make a massive difference to a lot of people with learning and physical disabilities.
Caroline Fraser's picture
Great concept and very appropriate for a wide range of people to enable increased independence and personal safety. This could have a great impact.
Ashleigh Denman's picture
This idea will banish the days of having to hand over a whole purse to a shop assistant and trusting them to take the right money out. Much more dignified - sounds great!
Chyla Young's picture
This sounds great... I know a lot of students would benefit from this . Anything that gives independence like this should be developed further!
Alice Shipman's picture
Brilliant idea - I would love to see this product, it would benefit so many people.
Sarah Perry's picture
Would be a very helpful product, enabling people with limited dexterity to regain control over their money
irina kudzejova's picture
Sounds as a good idea. Might be helpfull
Sue Evans's picture
What a clever idea. This will help lots of people to be more independent in the way they are able to handle money.
Sue Evans's picture
What a clever idea. This will help lots of people to be more independent in the way they are able to handle money.
Brenda Sinclair OT's picture
I have been searching constantly for a client who has affected hand function due to MND and can think of many clients who are indep but struggle to use their hands thus do not get out and about due to this issue of coin handling. Would be fab