Innovation for Independence

Global Hotel Access Rating System and Online accessible hotel room booking.

Publish date:
05/01/2015 - 10:06am
Last updated:
05/01/2015 - 10:42am

Access All Rooms (AAR) is a revolutionary hotel booking website (the first in the world) that specialises in allowing disabled customers to search and book accessible rooms globally. The site is the first to incorporate a free online access rating scheme, the Global Access Award Scheme (GAAS Ltd), which provides information on hotels access, allowing everyone to find more choices of accommodation suitable for them. No other hotel booking website does either of these. and GAAS is the brainchild of 2012 Paralympic Torch Bearer, James Price. After breaking my neck in 1999 & becoming two thirds paralysed & wheelchair dependant, I soon became aware of the challenges faced by those with disabilities in everyday life. As an elite sportsman in wheelchair rugby and athletics, I have been lucky enough to travel the world, giving me knowledge and understanding of the travel segment and how those with disabilities are hugely unappreciated. As former GB wheelchair Rugby Development Director too, competing at the 2006 wheelchair rugby world championships in New Zealand, current Leicester Tigers Wheelchair Rugby team’s captain, former BBC Holiday Show presenter, BBC Beijing Paralympic wheelchair rugby expert - I understand everyday disabled life, difficulties & travel

Insight & Impact

As I adjusted to life with a disability I became aware of the many obstacles facing disabled people. As a young and adventurous person, I became frustrated with the barriers I met when trying to book holidays and the lack of help available. I have travelled extensively both personally and through sport endeavours, giving me a huge insight into a variety of hotels around the world and their MANY different access interpretations. I frequently found that vital details, such as access pictures, facilities, door widths, were missing from hotel information, often had to spend hours researching/on the phone requesting these facts. As a result, helping other physically and sensory impaired became a personal mission and GAAS/Access All Rooms was born. Access All Rooms is the world’s first hotel booking website to supply information about room types for disabled customers, including the aging population. The company aims to revolutionise the travel industry by facilitating the booking of accessible accommodation whilst encouraging hotels worldwide to take a more vested interest in the convenience and comfort of their disabled clientele. Access All Rooms will make life easier for disabled people with more choice & booking rooms by providing them with a simple and stress free solution

Skills needed for this project

  • Website Development
  • Website Program Design
  • Printing and Design
  • Tourism PR and Sales
  • Online Distribution
  • Website Accessibility