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Hearing in the Dark

Publish date:
11/12/2014 - 10:33pm
Last updated:
29/12/2014 - 8:28am

Discreet reading/stylish glasses for adults or children which are designed for the deaf/hard of hearing as they will enable the wearer to "see" from a distance of up to 2 metres to communicate (lip-reading or sign-language) in the dark. This feature is similar to night-vision goggles, but without the embarrassment of wearing these unsightly goggles!

Insight & Impact

Deaf/Hard of hearing and struggle to communicate in the dark? Ever been in a situation where you are in a social gathering at night, or even at the movies before the show starts in blackness trying to communicate, are you a teenager who wants to go to a night party? Clubbing? Walking on the beach at night with your loved one? Gazing at the stars? Only those who use lip-reading or sign language as their main method of communication will understand the difficulty, fear and frustration in these situations. What if you could put on a pair of discreet glasses which will immediately enable you to communicate with your loved ones, friends, co-workers in any situation where it might be dark or no access to a light. Imagine the panic if there was a power-cut!

Skills needed for this project

  • I would need help in developing the prototype

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fanneran's picture
A very good idea. This will be available one day. The technology is already here with night vision products , it is just(a big just)on how to get that technology from a big clumsy product to a small neat pair of spectacles . Good luck! If you do not get any help through this project you may find an university who is able to put their resources to it.