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Holder Uppers

Peg the problem
Publish date:
11/01/2015 - 2:06pm
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11/01/2015 - 2:06pm

Wheelchair users with the ability to stand and transfer to toilets often have problems with underpants and trousers falling to the floor. This necessitates sitting down, retrieving the garments then standing up again hoping they remain within reach to pull them up. If they are not within reach the process is repeated again until they can be reached. This is a frustrating and energy sapping process. Holder uppers would resolve this problem by retaining the underpants and trousers within reach. These are simple devices which can be attached to upper clothing and the pants or trousers or both and when the disabled person stands the garments remain within reach. They are also very portable and can be carried in a purse, bag or pocket. This is an original solution to a problem which remains largely undiscussed and those affected simply keep trying until they succeed.

Insight & Impact

My insight in to this problem was brought about by watching my wife continue to try and retrieve her pants and trousers as described above. My wife has MS which is now at an advanced stage so holder uppers are no longer of any value to her. Whilst they were of value they maintained her independence and self esteem for much longer. I made holder uppers for use in the home and these were fixed at one end to a grab rail and were used each time by my wife. The holder uppers in the photograph are the portable type and my wife carried these in her hand bag for use whilst away from home. Those who cared for her whilst she was out had one less task to carry out on her behalf. The holder uppers have been trialled by one of the users of the Alpha with great success.

Skills needed for this project

  • Research and Development
  • Marketing and selling

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Great idea. It means you can be independent of a carer when dressing, Blue Badge Style supports this.