Innovation for Independence

Musii Mo - Multi-sensory interactive inflatable

Publish date:
13/01/2015 - 3:18pm
Last updated:
15/05/2015 - 11:53am

Musii Mo is a soft inflatable cone that can sit on your lap, table or floor. It is a self contained unit that includes sensors, speakers and lights. It produces sounds and coloured light when interacted with. It gives the user the ability to create music as well as providing a colourful and tactile experience. Musii is unique in being a multi-sensory device that stimulates three senses simultaneously. Having worked in the SEN field for several years and performed in-depth research we know this is an original product concept. Although sensor- based instruments have proven to be valuable therapeutic tools for people with disabilities they still pose problems and barriers for many people. We have developed the concept of using sensors to make music and given it a unique inflatable form that allows the user to see and feel the invisible beam they are interacting with. Our product idea and every detail of design comes from trials and in depth discussion with SEN schools, professionals and people with disabilities over several years, with the aim of creating a valuable, original and usable tool for SEN.

Insight & Impact

Creating music is an enjoyable and therapeutic activity that connects body and mind and is a powerful form of expression and communication. Many people do not have the mental or physical ability to learn and play a musical instrument. Musii Mo enables people of virtually any ability the experience of being able to instantly create their own music. The use of sensory rooms and equipment is widely accepted as beneficial. It is valuable to create new and interesting experiences for people, to inspire creativity and interaction as well as to aid understanding of cause and effect and turn-taking. It is important to encourage movement and exercise to aid health and fitness as well as develop muscle tone and proprioception. Overall we hope to produce activities and experiences that bring enjoyment to peoples lives. Musii Mo can do all of these things. There is no right or wrong way to play Musii, it's unique system, stunning audio/visual effects and multi-sensory rewards encourage physical interaction by being fully responsive to the lightest of touches. We have already developed our own software which has been carefully designed to create intriguing and beautiful sounds and effects. Users can simply select the sounds and preferences from the expansive built-in library using a touch screen device.