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Publish date:
16/01/2015 - 3:48pm
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16/01/2015 - 3:48pm
Simon Howard

PlanHub is a completely new way of enabling a disabled person to link their plans and administration into a single online location and decide who they want to be able to see the information it holds. Documents traditionally held in paper form which become out of date quickly and are easily lost can be replaced and updated easily through any online device and via free mobile app, while retaining the person’s history. The user’s site can contain emergency information, primary care information, support plans, person centred plans and much more. PlanHub is accessed via an NFC wristband worn by the user and is programmed to open a secure site dedicated to them. The wristband functions through an NFC reader or through a mobile phone with NFC technology. PlanHub is completely customisable and offers a new and exciting, but practical solution to helping a disabled person have a voice and achieve their goals. Weblink: PlanHub’s NFC wristbands can be used to activate an unlimited number of devices e.g. automated door locks. This a completely new way of being independent.

Insight & Impact

PlanHub has been created by both me and my brother, who has cerebral palsy and a learning disability, in equal partnership. On one occasion, my brother became lost and was found by a member of the public who couldn’t understand him. Matt found this very scary. We created the NFC wristband system first to this to enable him to communicate quickly and to explain how to contact his support. We added planning and administration processes as it seemed a good opportunity to solve issues. PlanHub addresses the need for people and processes to link up in a disabled person’s life and solves the problem of slow responses to change. Wristbands provide a safety net allowing someone to be more independent, safe and confident. Video: PlanHub fits around existing systems such as direct payments and the Safe Place Scheme: PlanHub can be used to store accounts so overseeing bodies can have access in real time to check good practice. This removes the need to send direct payment returns and means the authority can act responsively. People develop faster than a review process can take place. PlanHub helps social workers keep up to date with a person’s life choices as they occur and act proactively not retrospectively.

Skills needed for this project

  • Website development
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Trademarking
  • Electronic Systems

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