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Publish date:
15/01/2015 - 10:33pm
Last updated:
15/01/2015 - 10:34pm

Need: 500,000 people develop impairment each year. These people must reinvent their lives and rely on advice from professionals and peers to rediscover independence. However the voyage of discovery isn’t always so easy to find products to help. Stakeholders: We propose a new app to enable a place to discover new products, chat with likeminded people and share experiences. Within the discussion on each product are disabled people, occupational therapists and carers. Purpose: Create collections of products that are relevant to their situation. This will help others with similar needs and be an amazing resource for individuals, OT's and carers. We’ve found the best product recommendations tend to come from peer groups. No other apps have disabled people curating the best resource of independent living products daily and giving unique insights into the conversations between OT's and end users of these products. Mission: to surface products in a straightforward way to increase independence reduce the cost and effort of living with a disability. Example: A soldier being helped by Help for Heroes was given the best prosthetics and rehabilitation BUT he needs a one handed chopping board to peel an onion! Products do exists but aren’t always easy to find.

Insight & Impact

Our team has a combined experience of 50 years in the field of disability access and inclusive design. We have an established not for profit online shop listing over 1000 products, managed by over 100 disabled entrepreneurs and suppliers. We are an award winning industry-leading team. Our Insights come from our robust network with credible leading experts including OT’s. This includes 2 years of detailed research and focus groups by Maggie Winchcombe, Director of Years Ahead. We’re an established contributor at healthcare and disability shows. We have established an expert panel of over 500 older and disabled research associates. The impact would be to give healthcare professionals and volunteer carers a speedier and more straightforward way of finding practical product solutions that can help with daily living. We would transform the industry to understand the social model of inclusion, challenging supply and demand with the ambition to improve choice and price comparison. Our goal is to reduce anxiety, reduce the pressure for people new to their impairment and give confidence in buying products that will help. We’ll use the conversations to organise - try before you buy coffee mornings to bring people with the same needs together.