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Removing Barriers is a light hearted and fun learning tool to teach people about the barriers that many disabled people face.

'Removing Barriers' learning tool.
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12/01/2015 - 4:10pm
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12/01/2015 - 4:10pm

Removing Barriers is a light hearted and fun tool played like Monopoly, and which engages users in discussion and therefore educates about a serious subject. It improves awareness of the barriers that face disabled people, and suggests ways in which those barriers can be overcome.It can be used to educate both practising and trainee healthcare professionals, as well as young people in schools. Removing Barriers was first developed in 2005 and is still a prototype, but one which has been road tested in a number of settings, and has proved very popular and helpful.My drive for creating this game came from the fact that I had the experience of living life at both sides of the fence; being non-disabled and being disabled. I realised that people’s poor attitude results from the lack of education that people get about disability, and people needed educating. I knew I had to think of a fun way of getting a serious message across and I was trying to think of a game, and that’s when a friend of mine suggested a Monopoly game, as soon as he said that I thought of loads of ideas...

Insight & Impact

The main benefits would be in patient care and service improvement. Currently disability within the NHS is viewed from the medical perspective – ie what is wrong with the patient/service user. Removing Barriers uses the social model of disability – ie someone with an impairment may need help overcoming barriers (transport for example) but they are just as equal as anyone else. Removing Barriers is therefore all about everyone being treated equally. In the long term if there is more understanding about disability service users will receive a better service; this will mean their health outcomes will improve and there will be a cost saving to the NHS. Research should be possible to show this long term (ie where Removing Barriers is used, and where it isn’t, and the outcomes for different service users).

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The learning tool "Removing Barriers" which I have designed, would benefit disabled people by educating both disabled and non disabled people about the barriers that many disabled people face on a day to day basis. If I was to win this competition I would be able to set up my own business as I would use the funds to get more copies of the learning tool made this would enable me to sell them on to schools, colleges, universities and various educational opportunities within the community.