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Skills App

Publish date:
26/11/2014 - 4:26pm
Last updated:
15/05/2015 - 12:31pm
Adam Perry

SkillsApp is a simple free tool to allow skilled people within a community to instantly build and share a bespoke smartphone app enabling them to market themselves to individuals or groups within the community who may need their help. SkillsApp builds digital communities on mobile, empowering communities and enabling conversation and engagement through mobile devices, with no cost, no barriers to entry and no red tape SkillsApp allows local authorities to directly communicate to the community, keeping residents informed and engaged through mobile devices. SKILLSAPP FOR SKILLED. A tool for Skilled people in the community to instantly build a free Mobile App that works across all platforms to market themselves and showcase their areas of expertise to others in the community who may need their help SKILLSAPP FOR THE COMMUNITY. A tool for exploring and bookmarking Skilled people in the community, engaging directly with them, and finding others in the community to connect, follow share ideas with. FOR COMMUNITIES THIS MEANS A network of conjoined SkillsApps that connect with and feed off each other, 
creating a vibrant, contactable community of local people connected by Skills.

Insight & Impact

Mobile is experiencing phenomenal growth. 1.4 Billion smartphones will be shipped this year, whilst a whopping 102 Billion apps will be downloaded from the App Store. We are a mobile society, an ‘always on’ society. We want to connect and we want to feel connected, anywhere and everywhere, with zero cost and zero barriers. SkillsApp is helping to empower communities

Skills needed for this project

  • We would like to assemble a select group of beta testers to test the early stage version our idea and provide us with valuable user feedback. We could also benefit from pilot testing within a small community group