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Where do I want to Go

Publish date:
16/01/2015 - 3:03pm
Last updated:
16/01/2015 - 3:03pm
Ann Marie

'Where I want to go' aims to offer an educational and practical application (to be used on smart phones or tablets) that helps young people with learning difficulties travel independently. Travel apps are useful tools in that they can provide you with a route and the duration of a journey. However we feel that these elements are not enough to get a young person with a learning disability safely from one place to another. This application aims to alleviate this issue by working directly with potential users and organisations that support them to explore the elements needed in such an application. The end goal would be to create an adaptive, empathic app that not only guides it’s users to where they want go in an easy to understand, safe way but also teaches them about independent travel. The Application could be used by an individual user with or without the aid of a support worker. Alongside this it could be used by education centres such as Schools or Colleges as a learning tool in tandem with any independent travel courses they already run.

Insight & Impact

This project is a co-venture drawing on the experience of two organisations, Fair Deal and Abertay University, who have specialised insight into both learning disabilities and App design respectively. 'FairDeal', is a social enterprise which have been successfully providing assistance and support for people with learning disabilities for over 25 years. Abertay University offers world-leading courses in computer arts and computer games technology. Scott Green, who has a learning disability and is leading this project, feels that independent travel has been vital in terms of employment, self-confidence and in maintaining a social life. In relation to this project specifically a survey was developed recently and has been used in focus groups in a number of organisations (including Schools and colleges). These focus groups involved young people with learning disabilities. Feedback suggested that young people felt there was a need for a more adaptive and easy to understand digital travel application. Some specific observations of how they felt it could benefit their lives were: -Being able to attend job interviews. - Helping to learn the rules of the road. - Having a safety net if they get lost (quick link to phone home/carer). - Having a better understanding of digital technology

Skills needed for this project

  • app designers
  • computer programmers
  • sound designers
  • computer artists
  • database skills relating to integration of the existing knowledge bases, timetables, information sources and journey planning resources currently available.