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We want YOU to capture OUR imagination with YOUR innovation! You can also check out the Wishlist page and see if your idea relates to people's needs. 

As your ideas are submitted, they will be published here.

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The Accessible Music Project

The idea is progress from a prototype “Musical Prosthesis”. This prosthesis allows people with either cognitive or motor impairments to actively participate in music. There are dual benefits.

by Michael Philip ... | 0

Textile Based Assistive Wearable Robot

Recent advances in exoskeletons have demonstrated how wearable robotic can enable paralytics to walk again. People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) may potentially benefit from such technology to assist their mobility.

by denishuen | 0

Tackling obesity to reduce disability: Using mobile technology and a structured exercise programme.

The link between obesity and disability is increasingly recognised and we need to find ways of helping people to exercise safely and with confidence within the community. To do this we have designed an exciting smartphone app that helps users to navigate important la

by Griffith Julia | 0


YourTour is a mobile application intended to remove information-related barriers that can prevent disabled people from visiting cultural venues such as galleries, arts centres and museums.

by DaDaFest | 0

"See Safe" - Mobile Application

We would like to develop a “See Safe”. What is “See Safe”. “See Safe” is a mobile phone application that in real time notifies road users of approaching danger or hazard and navigate disabled and blind people outdoors and indoors.

by Seagull Sky | 0
Phonicks graphic - an example from one of the trials of the software


Literacy is a basic requirement to function effectively in society. People with speech and/or learning difficulties, face extra barriers to attain literacy.

by neelshearer | 0

Personality profiling for your personal support – recruiting the right person for the job from the out-set.

Our innovation is to customise our on-line values based recruitment personality profiling system, specifically designed for the health and care sector.

by sarah@profiles4care | 0

Hearing Mate

A device consisting of wireless earphones and a receiver (or smartphone app) to help hearing aid users capture and filter sound within a certain radius.

by CCDdesign | 0
The electromyography sensor on a forearm muscle.

Electromyographic keyboard for phones and tablets.

The internet lets us work from home, make friends from around the world, and access entertainment. This is a great benefit for those without full mobility, helping to prevent isolation and depression.

by edrosten | 105

3D Safe

3DSafe is a vibration-based bracelet system that helps people who are partially sighted or blind navigate through the built environment. The bracelets would use radar sensor technologies and the user would wear a bracelet on each wrist.

by CCDdesign | 0