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We want YOU to capture OUR imagination with YOUR innovation! You can also check out the Wishlist page and see if your idea relates to people's needs. 

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Personality profiling for your personal support – recruiting the right person for the job from the out-set.

Our innovation is to customise our on-line values based recruitment personality profiling system, specifically designed for the health and care sector.

by sarah@profiles4care | 0

Hearing Mate

A device consisting of wireless earphones and a receiver (or smartphone app) to help hearing aid users capture and filter sound within a certain radius.

by CCDdesign | 0
The electromyography sensor on a forearm muscle.

Electromyographic keyboard for phones and tablets.

The internet lets us work from home, make friends from around the world, and access entertainment. This is a great benefit for those without full mobility, helping to prevent isolation and depression.

by edrosten | 120

Handheld, Fully Expressive and Controllable Text-to-Speech Synthesis

Speech is one of the defining traits that make us human. It is something people take for granted every day. Not being able to speak or completely express oneself is in itself a crippling symptom of many disabilities.

by speaklikeyoumeanit | 0


My group’s idea is a wristband which helps people with visual and hearing impairments know when they have an incoming phone call, a text or a notification etc on their mobile phone.

by jonelearn | 0

Commercial development and testing of a retro fit device for independent use of wheelchairs by partially paralysed users.

Estimates of wheelchair users in England and Wales vary considerably but are estimated to be about 1 million, or 2% of the population.

by Anne Mandy | 0

The Haynes Disabled Man's Manual

For almost a hundred years Haynes manuals have provided common sense advice for those wanting to do it themselves. In recent years this common sense approach has extended this approach to all areas of life.

by Lawriejones1 | 0

AzuleJoe: the first open source communication aid.

My little brother Richard has never been able to speak. Until he was 19, my family managed to communicate with him on fewer than 100 signs. At 19 he received a Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA) like the one used by Stephen Hawking.

by joereddington | 3

App template demonstrating inclusivity features accompanied with actual code samples

A number of resources, online in textual form, already exist detailing guidelines for creating inclusive and accessible apps, both on mobile and desktop, but I have not found a code repository specifically aimed at demonstrating these with actual working examples. Th

by miner2049er | 0

RoboNHS: web-based alternative format document service

We are entering a world in which the tag “assistive technology” could become meaningless. We all now increasingly rely on smart devices to interact with a world of pervasive media. The possibilities for true inclusion are very exciting.

by Higgoo | 1