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Go Go, Go Slow, No Go

At a very old age, 85 and over, it is a difficult challenge to manage the costs of care particularly the uncertainty of care needs and their costs.

by Momo | 0

Smart Panel - coFlo Scald protection Shower Unit

How we wash ourselves in the Western world has not changed much since plumbing and hot water have become necessities in our homes.

by reo22 | 0
The Modular Walking Aid components

Evolvable Walking Aid; the modular range can be assembled to form different walking aids.

Currently, during a case of mobility rehabilitation or deterioration, a person is required to switch between, on average, three different walking aids in order to obtain the correct support.

by Cara | 0
Close up of a man in a gym holding a dumbbell with a gripping aid

A device to help those without fine motor control/strength hold small objects

The Active Hands Company manufactures and sells gripping aids for all types of disabilities where hand function or control has been affected. We manufacture in the UK and sell online in the UK and all over the world.

by Active Hands | 2

Managing the kitchen environment (simplifying the controls on kitchen appliances, by controlling the programmes wirelessly)

This is a development of an idea that I had in 2013, aged 13, and that I used in the Bosch Technology Horizons Award. I have further worked on this idea with my mother, and my brother who has severe cerebral palsy.

by Biegstraaten | 0
Murr-ma: Amphibious Prosthesis

Murr-ma: Amphibious Prosthesis

Murr-ma came about from looking into the surf-life saving community on the beaches of Australia. When we were there, we observed the lack of presence of those who are physically impaired. This led to an interview with a below knee amputee who frequented the beach.

by Murr-ma | 1

Path - Walk with Confidence

Path is intelligent footwear that provides triggers to stimulate walking, increase confidence and reduce the risk of falls.

by lisepape | 0

InDrone: An Inclusive Inflatable Telepresence Drone for People with Motor Disabilities

Our aim is to develop an ‘Inflatable Telepresence Drone’ called ‘InDrone’ for people with motor disabilities. InDrone will empower users to interact with other people and environments by overcoming physical barriers.

by worpcloud | 0

Drinking Aid

This drinking aid can clip onto a variety of glasses, cups and mugs. The steel clips encased in silicone allow the aid to grasp even curved surfaces. The polymer handle offers strength.

by Jamie King | 0
Velofeet: A Passive Dynamic Exoskeleton for Assisting Human Locomotion

Velofeet: A Passive Dynamic Exoskeleton for Assisting Human Locomotion

Velofeet is a new vehicle that works as an exoskeleton to reduce the load of body weight to the lower limbs while driven by walking or running. It loads most of the body weight, through a rigid frame, onto a large diameter wheel.

by Dr Manuel Alvar... | 0