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We want YOU to capture OUR imagination with YOUR innovation! You can also check out the Wishlist page and see if your idea relates to people's needs. 

As your ideas are submitted, they will be published here.

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Really Useful Stuff

Need: 500,000 people develop impairment each year. These people must reinvent their lives and rely on advice from professionals and peers to rediscover independence.

by Robert | 0

Hearing kiosk

We want to create an interactive touch-screen kiosk that can be placed in healthcare settings so members of the public can explore and discover assistive technologies that can help when you have hearing loss. The kiosk will provide an intuitive, graphics-led experien

by BBateman | 0

visor — low vision aid for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Visor is the first app developed especially for and with people with low vision. It enables people with low vison to to turn their iPhone, iPad & iPod touch into a low vision aid.

by visor | 0

Vertical labyrinth game

A labyrinth game designed for disabled children who are capable of controlling two switch inputs. Although a normal labyrinth table is horizontal, this one is vertical, to allow children in wheelchairs better visibility.

by btemple | 0


Named Harvey in remembrance of Elwood P Dowd's invisible companion in the eponymous movie, it is a system combining GPS tracking/phone cell triangulation, wearable technologies, LASER distance measuring, wireless telephony and unique lateral thinking incorporated i

by Darkseid | 0

Easy access Storage Jar

Initially aimed at the kitchen/food prep market My idea is for a storage jar for dry goods that is easy to open with one hand, provides both a tactile and visual indication of the quantity remaining in the jar and prolongs the life of perishable goods by being construc

by John Harding | 0


PrivateDoc is an online/remote clinical consultation and prescription service aimed at providing a primary care service for people which is faster than offered by the NHS and most importantly does not involve the person having to leave their home/bed/place of work. O

by PrivateDoc | 0

Aut Not Out

Our team developed a novel artificial intelligence-based solution Aut Not Out that will enrich the lives of children affected by autism spectrum disorder and their families.

by Kristina | 0


Although many functional anti-spill cups/drinking vessels are on the market, I am not aware that any incorporate the key criterion for the disability market – Drinking with Dignity My design discreetly adapts most existing drinking vessels and could be manufactured i

by Dr R Durkan 3259340 | 1
bResilient Logo

bResilient co-creation app

bResilient will empower disabled people through an app hosting inspiring videos.

by sarah.coe | 0