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We want YOU to capture OUR imagination with YOUR innovation! You can also check out the Wishlist page and see if your idea relates to people's needs. 

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The QuinStep

My product is a means of providing full-weight support at all times, a reliable hand-hold always at the user’s touch to help eliminate stumbles and slips, particularly in wet and wintry conditions, and especially in transitory moments of dizziness or light-headedness, b

by Darkseid | 0

Access friendly location guide app

This is an app designed for people with hearing loss and/or visual impairment to give small reviews on customer service and rate accessibility. Locations would be geotagged. The idea is original in that it would have a disability / accessibility focus.

by deafPLUS design | 0


This product enables blind people to use any watch they want. It attaches to the back of any watch face. You press the clock face down onto the Timepeice to tell the time through a series of vibrations that you feel on your wrist.

by charlottepothecary | 0

Personalised Interactive wall garden

This is a specialist portal which supports individuals with a combination of health and social care needs.

by Liz Crook | 0

Under mattress movement detector for seizure monitoring

Our project idea is to support people with epilepsy in a residential or domestic environment with the management and detection of nocturnal seizures.

by Joefleming87 | 0

The In-Gloo

Based on the principle that small spaces are quicker, cheaper and easier to keep warm, The In-Gloo comes in two parts.

by Darkseid | 0

Educate, access, support

The idea I came up with has come from my personal interaction with the issues surrounding the education of people who are looking for support with various issues.

by Craigamulgrew | 0

Tactile Graphics Display: bringing images to your finger tips

Our project will support visually impaired (VI) people through a Tactile Graphics Device or TGD. The TGD will allow access to graphical information of all kinds.

by Feel the Graphi... | 0

Overcoming health inequalities through technology

People with learning disabilities (PWLD) can find it difficult to communicate how they are feeling – physically and emotionally, and have a higher propensity to develop physical and mental health problems.

by Sarah Weston | 0
sound localisation, google glasses, sound recognition

C-Audio: a pair of sound visualisation glasses for deaf people to "see" the sound surrounding them

Present solutions to deaf or hearing impairment people are to use cochlear implants and hearing aid to recover hearing abilities. However, they cannot tell the sound direction. It makes these people hardly to know the potential dangerous, such as a car rushing over.

by kingwinter | 0