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We want YOU to capture OUR imagination with YOUR innovation! You can also check out the Wishlist page and see if your idea relates to people's needs. 

As your ideas are submitted, they will be published here.

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PlanHub is a completely new way of enabling a disabled person to link their plans and administration into a single online location and decide who they want to be able to see the information it holds.

by Simon Howard | 1

I Scape

I Scape is a virtual landscape of a person’s inner strength, resilience, resourcefulness and vulnerabilities. It enables sharing of inner characteristics with others by translating them directly into a virtual 3D landscape.

by | 0

Visual Writing Support for Dyslexics and Neuro-diverse students.

Based on my own dyslexic experiences as a teacher and exam marker, I have been able to produce a range of popular resources that guide students through writing tasks. A strength of the expertise I have is the strongly visual focus of my materials.

by oliver.lindon | 0

Friendly SMART technology in the home for Deaf People

Today's products incorporate SMART technology but these confuse Deaf People whose first language is British Sign Language. They are not able to utilise fully the ease of control via their smartphones.

by David Jackson | 2

Voice controlled assistive system for visually impaired users

A voice-controlled assistive system offering visually impaired users an intuitive and unified way of controlling home appliances/utilities and communicating with friends/family, with one simple form of interaction, to be used in and out of the home.

by James Miles | 0


a central digital point for a hub of services and online instruments dedicated to the wellbeing and advancement of the disability community in Society “enabling disabled people, not disabling”.

by MagicMiracle | 0

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Using valuable information that we have obtained from our design partners we managed to identify an area that is in need of improvement, the train toilets. It is never a pleasant experience to walk in to an unclean toilet.

by Efstratios Alig... | 3

Intelligent home energy local area network system; eLansys

Despite all the advances in technology to date, we still manually switch the power back on, when a light blows or circuit is overloaded.

by elansysdc | 0

Ramp Me App

The main aim is to have a mobile app that allows disabled users, in particular wheelchair users, to check-in and book a ramp from home, when they are at a station, on a train, waiting for a bus etc.

by CCDdesign | 0
Phonicks graphic - an example from one of the trials of the software


Literacy is a basic requirement to function effectively in society. People with speech and/or learning difficulties, face extra barriers to attain literacy.

by neelshearer | 0