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We want YOU to capture OUR imagination with YOUR innovation! You can also check out the Wishlist page and see if your idea relates to people's needs. 

As your ideas are submitted, they will be published here.

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Easy to Use Gloves/Mittens

To design a pair of gloves\mittens which are not just easy to get on and off, are extremely warm and allow the wearer to use manual wheelchairs, joysticks on electric wheelchairs, mobility scooter controls, walkers and operate things like keys, keypads and doors.

by Jazzy Jayne | 0

FES free gait walking (rehabilitation and exercise) aid

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is a technique that uses small electrical charges to improve mobility for individuals with paralysis resulting from a spinal cord injury (SCI), head injury, stroke and other neurological disorders.

by Active Design | 0

Dignity Toileting Device

The Dignity Toileting Device was conceived by a home-carer in response to the need to single-handedly manage the toileting affairs of a bed-bound home patient.

by Canard Design Ltd | 0

Dancing System for the Deaf

People with hearing difficulties lost the inability to interact with music. We are therefore creating a device that would allow them to feel the music through vibration. This would allow them to dance again following music.

by denishuen | 0

Music Memory Box

Music Memory Box is a new multi sensory reminiscence product for people with dementia and their loved ones.

by ChloeMeineck | 0
Three mugs with indentations which help sensing temperature, when filling the mug

The Mug; The Leaven Range

This is a range of kitchen products designed with the ethos of giving subtle sensory feedback in a task, over a reliance on sight.

by simon.kinneir | 0
Blind cyclist using the ultrabike kit on a bicycle


The UltraBike kit has been designed so that people who are blind or visually impaired can cycle independently. The kit is attached to the centre of the handlebars on a bicycle so it is completely detachable and can be used on most types of bikes.

by ultracane | 9


My idea came about from a gradual realisation of the immense difficulties encountered by victims of a stroke.

by rogerman | 0

The Louis Project

Our idea is to design and implement a childrens all terrain posterior walker in a sustainable way. In both the UK and developing countries, there is a complete lack of posterior walking aids suited to uneven terrain.

by exyouk | 1


Sight is the most important sense of all. More than 2 million people in UK are partially sighted, its hard for them to navigate, do household things, read, watch TV and many more.

by Rakesh | 0