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Commercial development and testing of a retro fit device for independent use of wheelchairs by partially paralysed users.

Estimates of wheelchair users in England and Wales vary considerably but are estimated to be about 1 million, or 2% of the population.

by Anne Mandy | 0

The Haynes Disabled Man's Manual

For almost a hundred years Haynes manuals have provided common sense advice for those wanting to do it themselves. In recent years this common sense approach has extended this approach to all areas of life.

by Lawriejones1 | 0

THEIA. New language for motion.

THEIA uses a wireless network of sensors attached to athletes and equipment, combined with a translation engine that transforms every jump, goal, and race finish into musical and tactile expressions.

by Katarzyna Zmyslona | 0
Gravity Sketch: Inclusive 3D creation

Gravity Sketch: Inclusive 3D creation

Gravity is an innovative tool that allows people with dyslexia to create in three dimensions (3D) using a simple set of rules with a pen and a tablet.

by Gravity Sketch | 0

App template demonstrating inclusivity features accompanied with actual code samples

A number of resources, online in textual form, already exist detailing guidelines for creating inclusive and accessible apps, both on mobile and desktop, but I have not found a code repository specifically aimed at demonstrating these with actual working examples. Th

by miner2049er | 0

Monkey Gaming

Monkey Gaming is an innovation network of blind and partially sighted people in Scotland. We want to influence the gaming design industry to make games universally inclusive.

by monkeygaming | 0


BSee is a smartphone app that reads aloud text captured by the camera, helping the partially-sighted read. For the partially-sighted, everyday life – reading signs on the metro, for instance, or reading the price in a supermarket – can be difficult.

by ThomasLawson | 0

Smart Panel - coFlo Scald protection Shower Unit

How we wash ourselves in the Western world has not changed much since plumbing and hot water have become necessities in our homes.

by reo22 | 0
The Modular Walking Aid components

Evolvable Walking Aid; the modular range can be assembled to form different walking aids.

Currently, during a case of mobility rehabilitation or deterioration, a person is required to switch between, on average, three different walking aids in order to obtain the correct support.

by Cara | 0
Close up of a man in a gym holding a dumbbell with a gripping aid

A device to help those without fine motor control/strength hold small objects

The Active Hands Company manufactures and sells gripping aids for all types of disabilities where hand function or control has been affected. We manufacture in the UK and sell online in the UK and all over the world.

by Active Hands | 2