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We want YOU to capture OUR imagination with YOUR innovation! You can also check out the Wishlist page and see if your idea relates to people's needs. 

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The In-Gloo

Based on the principle that small spaces are quicker, cheaper and easier to keep warm, The In-Gloo comes in two parts.

by Darkseid | 0
sound localisation, google glasses, sound recognition

C-Audio: a pair of sound visualisation glasses for deaf people to "see" the sound surrounding them

Present solutions to deaf or hearing impairment people are to use cochlear implants and hearing aid to recover hearing abilities. However, they cannot tell the sound direction. It makes these people hardly to know the potential dangerous, such as a car rushing over.

by kingwinter | 0
The label reacts to its environment and produces tactile bumps when the food goes bad

Bump Mark – Bio-reactive Food Label

We developed an innovative, integrated, bio-reactive food expiry label designed for informing blind and partially sighted people about conditions of food inside its packaging.

by DesignBySol | 0

The KneeKnaw

The KneeKnaw is a sculptured and contoured seat cushion specifically designed for the sedentary long-term disabled who have or are prone to leg and foot ulcers and pressure sores, including at the base of the coccyx.

by Darkseid | 0

LUMO - real time graphic reader for blind and visually impaired people

LUMO is a product and a learning programme which enables blind and visually impaired people to read shapes, graphs, diagrams and colours directly from paper, a text book or a sketchbook, and enables them to draw in colour.

by Anna Wojdecka | 0

Musii Mo - Multi-sensory interactive inflatable

Musii Mo is a soft inflatable cone that can sit on your lap, table or floor. It is a self contained unit that includes sensors, speakers and lights. It produces sounds and coloured light when interacted with.

by Musii | 0

Off road wheelchair modification

My Idea is to try and enable people with disabilities to live a fuller and more rewarding life. The concept of my idea is something that has been done before, the off road wheelchair, it's the way in intend to do it that is original.

by RodPugh | 1

Coin mate - A portable coin dispenser

Coin Mate is a simple coin holding device specifically for UK coins that will allow people with lack of motor control to handle change. The device is large enough, the size of a large screen mobile phone, to be taken out of a bag and placed on a counter.

by NSF Trading | 16
Handyclix - A one handed lap belt - logo

HandyClix - A one handed lap belt

We are a specialist college working with learners who have a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities. The idea originated from our Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Wheelchair Maintenance departments and their work with learners.

by NSF Trading | 11
Hip protection with an electronic falls monitor and alarm system

Fall-Safe Assist

We will incorporate an automatic electronic falls monitoring system, using a triaxial accelerometer, to accurately identify a fall and capture all the relevant informations, such as time/date, direction of fall, and force of the fall.

by williamebeckett | 0