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We want YOU to capture OUR imagination with YOUR innovation! You can also check out the Wishlist page and see if your idea relates to people's needs. 

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'Removing Barriers' learning tool.

Removing Barriers is a light hearted and fun learning tool to teach people about the barriers that many disabled people face.

Removing Barriers is a light hearted and fun tool played like Monopoly, and which engages users in discussion and therefore educates about a serious subject.

by Toyah | 1

Bluetooth Connected Vibrating Alarm Device and App for Smartphones

Action on Hearing Loss (RNID) would welcome opportunity to develop a Bluetooth connected under-pillow vibrating device and complimentary alarm clock app for smartphones which would greatly benefit people with hearing loss.

by RNID | 0

Outdoor Emergency Alarm System

My idea is for disabled and elderly people to have on their wrist or around their neck an emergency alarm system with GPS capability. This would allow the emergency services to attend to them where ever they are and notify their relatives in an emergency.

by Michael Derges | 2
Peg the problem

Holder Uppers

Wheelchair users with the ability to stand and transfer to toilets often have problems with underpants and trousers falling to the floor. This necessitates sitting down, retrieving the garments then standing up again hoping they remain within reach to pull them up.

by Andrew1232 | 1

The ZimmerSitz

The ZimmerSitz is simply a standard, basic walking (or Zimmer) frame fitted with a fold-down seat, intended as a mobility aid for people suffering cardiorespiratory and similar problems limiting their stamina to less than a few yards walking before needing to recover br

by Darkseid | 0

Inclusive Saucepan

Cooking is a necessity of life, and this can be unnecessarily difficult for people with arthritis through heavy saucepans which strain the wrist. This saucepan provides this support as well as making draining easier.

by Hannah Scoones | 0

Adaptable handles

Different people grip in different ways. The idea is producing customisable products by having different sized handles available and in different materials, to allow greater choice for the user.

by Hannah Scoones | 0

Nimble Pins

Many people have reduced dexterity in hands, either through illness, such as arthritis which effects around 10 million people in the UK alone, or age. This can make it difficult to access once loved hobbies, such as sewing.

by Hannah Scoones | 0
initial sketch of Long Cane Lighting System

Long Cane Lighting System

My product is a new and unique concept.

by Blindability | 3

hand held mud/water remover

There already exists a boot/golf trolley cleaner comprising a large static compressor generating a strong air jet stream through extended nozzles. However I have never seen or heard of a hand held appliance that could do the same tasks.

by boniface | 0