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Finalist Updates #4: HandyClix - The final attachment!

Publish date:
16/03/2016 - 12:29pm
Last updated:
16/03/2016 - 12:29pm

The development of Handyclix, a one handed wheelchair lap belt, is coming to fruition and will be launched at NAIDEX in April 2016 at a sale price of £35.

Our journey has been an exciting one with some difficult challenges along the way.

We started with three different prototype designs: a magnetic buckle, a press button and an airline buckle design. These were tested with electric wheelchair users with a range of manual dexterity difficulties including hand tremor, muscle weakness and poor motor function.

Our testers preferred a magnetic buckle attachment and gave us good feedback on the belt design which included incorporating a coloured strap and coloured part of the belt near the buckle where users with visual difficulties could easily locate the attachment.

They also suggested stowage straps to allow the belt to be kept off the chair seat when transferring. All really good design features that we incorporated into the final design.

We rigorously tested the final design to make sure Handyclix was making a difference to the lives of users at home and at work; with some testers making transfers up to 11 times a day.

I like having the belt because it is easy to unbuckle and to do back up and I like the velcro straps that hold it against the arms of your chair so you don't sit on it.’ Megan, electric wheelchair user

‘This is great for people who struggle using both hands, I highly recommend it.’ Josh, electric wheelchair user

We also talked to occupational therapists and wheelchair services departments about the impact that Handyclix may have.

‘The Handyclix wheelchair seat belt has been designed and developed to fulfil a pressing and previously unmet need for most wheelchair users, providing greater convenience and independence.’ Leslie, Wheelchair services technician

‘The Handyclix has a user friendly release mechanism. A particular benefit of the Handyclix design is the unique stowage system, allowing the unfastened buckles to be secured to the adjacent arm rests. The conventional industry standard seat belts lack this and have an annoying tendency to drop down into the frame and wheels of the wheelchair, making it difficult for the wheelchair user to find and retrieve for securing/buckling.’ Suzanne, Occupational Therapist

We have also been busy finding out about the interest in Handyclix from NHS wheelchair service departments and their clients nationally where 54% were interested and 46% showed some interest in the product. We have also been talking to wheelchair manufacturers and distributors about becoming re-sellers.

We now aim to build a website at to market Handyclix and to provide a portal for on-line orders.

The Inclusive Technology Prize has really supported us with the design, user testing and the legal steps in getting such an innovative idea to market.

The Prize has given us the confidence to believe that Handyclix will make a big difference to lives of wheelchair users and carers nationally.

Handyclix - the lap belt of choice for all wheelchair users.