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Finalist Updates #2: Evolvable Walking Aid Kit- A step forwards with walking aid users

After receiving some initial feedback, Cara Design is busy working on the prototype. Hopefully moving to Central Research Labratory will boost creativity and problem solving. Find out what progress has been made in designing the walking aid kit!   


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Finalist Updates #2 - Nimble: Nimble pre-orders now in the UK and around the world

To receive comprehensive user feedback, Nimble has been shipped worldwide. Users will keep a log of daily activities supported by Nimble. This is a brilliant way to improve your prototype! See what else Version 22 is up to.



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Finalist Updates #2: PlanHub - Waiting….

PlanHub is waiting for decisions to be made while all they are dreaming about is launching the website or adding another exciting features to the product. Find out what they are! 


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Finalist Updates #2: AzuleJoe - Technical breakthroughs

It is difficult to learn new software if you are a busy NHS staff or carer.  But AzuleJoe has a solution! Find out what that solution is and what other code-related progress has been made to enable everyone to communicate freely! 


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Finalist Updates #2: Handyclix - Design summer

The HandyClix team has been busy advancing their work over the summer to design a one-handed wheelchair lap belt and have made good progress with design elements.


Market Research

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Finalist Updates #2: Hearing Loop Listening App - Making (sound) waves for ten million people with hearing loss

Now that the idea of the Hearing Loop app is established, it's time to excitedly start moving it forward in small and large steps to make it a reality.

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Finalist Updates #2: Active Hands - Summer holiday progress

Developing gripping aids can get intense, especially if you are already testing your product with users! Keep reading to see the video and find out what ActiveHands have learnt from their user feedback.  


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Finalist Updates #2: How Do I? - Designing for Accessibility

How Do I? team is currently in design mode. Creating eye-catching, accessible brand and logo is on their agenda. Then testing. Testing every element of the app - colours, contrast level of text or logos, different navigation methods for usability... and more!

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Finalist Updates #2: Supportspace -Teamwork, trials, test beds and tweaking

After becoming the finalist of Inclusive Tech Prize, Supportspace team keep on discovering new opportunities. Last month it included organising a stand at Health and Care Innovation Expo and pitching for the NHS Test Beds.


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Members of the 'How Do I?' team holding a prototype of their product.

Finalist Updates #1: How Do I? - Accessibility Equals Scalability

It is pointless to do with more what can be done with fewer.” William of Occam.


We weren’t even sure we’d need an app.


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