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MAKE A WISH! What have you experienced or indentified that you think could be improved by the Inclusive Technology Prize? 

This could be anything related to your everyday life, for example, "I wish I had accessible gardening equipment" or something more blue-sky, "I wish I had gloves that make it possible for hearing people to hear sign language".

The purpose of the Wishlist is to capture people's real needs and issues, to inspire innovative ideas.

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Mobile Text Phone for the deaf

Well I am moderately deaf but can't use the phone, there are texts phones but not on a mobile phone, I know there is always a texting option but its still not like having a conversation and people at the other end often get bored with or it is inconvenient to type

by maz | 4


I have an illness called Hypermobility Syndrome, & also Fibromyalgia. These paired conditions leave me in constant pain, with a high risk of dislocation or subluxation of my joints, particularly the shoulders. My capacity for movement & self-carriage is impair

by James | 8

Personal Budget/Support Schedule App

My needs mean I spend very little time by myself I have a personal assistant (PA) with me most of the time. I currently manage my schedule using a clunky excel spreadsheet. It is very complex and time consuming.

by Jess | 4

Accessible Escalator

As a wheelchair user I am often faced with places that have escalators but no lift for example London's tube network.

by Jess | 3